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Kuama Steel's stainless steel coil inventory includes stainless steel coil products of various specifications

stainless steel coil

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Product Description

Stainless steel coil is an alloy steel with smooth surface, high weldability, corrosion resistance, polishability, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.

Widely used in all walks of life, it is an important material for modern industry.

Stainless steel coils can be divided into cold rolled stainless steel coils and hot rolled stainless steel coils according to different production processes.

According to the material can be divided into austenite, martensite, ferritic and duplex.

Commonly used stainless steel coil grade is usually expressed in numerical symbols.

There are 200 series, 300 series, 400 series and compound series.

304, 304L, 316 and 316L stainless steel coils are the most popular and economical grades of stainless steel.

Stainless steel 304/304L coils and stainless steel 316/316L coils and duplex stainless steel coils offer good corrosion resistance to many chemical environments as well as marine and industrial exposures.

Stainless Steel Coils Mechanical Properties

GradeStandardYield Strength
Rp0.2 (N/mm²)
Tensile Strength
Rm (N/mm²)
Elongation %Hardness
201ASTM A240≥ 275≥ 520≥ 35≤ 260≤ 101
202ASTM A240≥ 275≥ 520≥ 40≤ 218≤ 95
301ASTM A240≥ 205≥ 520≥ 40≤ 200≤ 90
304ASTM A240≥ 205≥ 515≥ 40≤ 210≤ 92
304LASTM A240≥ 205≥ 520≥ 40≤ 200≤ 90
316LASTM A240≥ 177≥ 480≥ 40≤ 200≤ 90
316TiASTM A240≥ 205≥ 520≥ 40≤ 200≤ 90
317LASTM A240≥ 205≥ 515≥ 40≤ 218≤ 95
309SASTM A240≥ 205≥ 515≥ 40≤ 218≤ 95
310SASTM A240≥ 205≥ 520≥ 40≤ 200≤ 90
321ASTM A240≥ 205≥ 520≥ 40≤ 200≤ 90
347ASTM A240≥ 205≥ 520≥ 35≤ 200≤ 90
410SASTM A240≥ 205≥ 440≥ 20≤ 210≤ 92
420J2ASTM A240≥ 225≥ 540≥ 18≤ 180≤ 80
430ASTM A240≥ 206≥ 450≥ 22≤ 200≤ 88
2205ASTM A240≥ 450≥ 620≥ 25≤ 293≤ 30
2507ASTM A240≥ 450≥ 620≥ 25≤ 290≤ 30
253 MA®ASTM≥ 310≥ 600≥ 40≤ 217≤ 95
254 SMO®ASTM≥ 300≥ 650≥ 35≤ 223≤ 96
654 SMO®ASTM≥ 430≥ 750≥ 40≤ 250≤ 100
904LASTM≥ 216≥ 490≥ 35≤ 90
UNS N08926ASTM≥ 295≥ 650≥ 35≤ 100
UNS S17400ASTM≥ 725≥ 930≥ 10


What Are The Advantages of Using Stainless Steel Coils?

Stainless steel coils are an excellent choice for a variety of applications, including heating and cooling systems, food processing facilities and even your home.

They are highly durable and can withstand high temperatures. In addition, they offer many advantages over other types of metal coils:

Prolonged Lifespan

Stainless steel coils have a much longer lifespan than copper or aluminum. This means that you will get more use out of these coils before they need to be replaced. They also require less maintenance so you won’t have to worry about repairing them as often as other types of coils.

High-Temperature Resistance

Stainless steel coils can withstand temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit without melting or warping. This makes them ideal for industrial processes that involve extreme heat such as chemical manufacturing and oil refineries. They can also be used in residential applications such as cooking stoves and fireplaces where there is a risk of fire starting due to exposed flames from burning wood or coal fires.

Heat Transfer Efficiency

Stainless steel has excellent thermal conductivity properties that allow it to transfer heat quickly throughout its entire length — unlike other metals that may only conduct heat through their outer layers while their inner layers remain cool.

What Are The Edges Options of Stainless Steel Coils?

Rolled edge is the appearance of untrimmed edges after hot or cold rolling and annealing/pickling processes. It usually leaves irregular pinhole lines on the 10mm to 15mm side of the edge.

Slitting/slitting edge means we will trim the irregular pinhole lines on the slitter.

What Is The Packaging Standard of Stainless Steel Coils?

  • Standard export sea packaging:
    Waterproof Paper Winding+PVC Film+Strap Banding+Wooden Pallet or Wooden Case;
  • Customized packaging as your request (Logo or other contents accepted to be printed on the packaging);
  • Other special packaging will be designed as customer’s request;
    Eye to wall and eye to sky are both available;
  • By International Express: DHL/UPS/FEDEX/EMS and our own express line;
  • By air or By sea;
  • Shipping port: Shanghai, Ningbo or as your request.


What Is The HS Code of Stainless Steel Coils?

7219110000 – hot rolled stainless steel coil with thickness > 10mm;

7219120000 – 4.75mm ≤ 10mm thick hot rolled stainless steel coil;

7219131200 – hot rolled stainless steel coil with 3mm ≤ thickness < 4.75mm without pickling;

7219131900 – other hot rolled stainless steel coils with 3mm ≤ thickness < 4.75mm without pickling.

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