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laser cutting

The use of high power density laser beam irradiation is cut material, so that the material is quickly heated to the temperature of vaporization, evaporation formed holes, with the movement of the beam of the material, the hole continuous formation of a very narrow width (such as about 0.1mm) slit, complete the cutting of the material.

laser cutting classification

⑴ Good cutting quality. Because of the small spot, high energy density and fast cutting speed, laser cutting can obtain better cutting quality.

(2)Due to the transmission characteristics of laser, laser cutting machine is generally equipped with a number of numerical control table, the whole cutting process can be realized CNC. When operating, just change the numerical control program, it can be suitable for cutting parts of different shapes, not only can be two-dimensional cutting, but also can realize three-dimensional cutting.

⑶ Fast cutting speed

Using 1200W laser cutting 2mm thick low carbon steel plate, cutting speed up to 600cm/min; Cutting 5mm thick polypropylene resin board, cutting speed up to 1200cm/min. The material does not need to be fixed when the laser cutting, which can save the fixture, and save the auxiliary time of loading and unloading.

(4) Non-contact cutting
Laser cutting torch and workpiece no contact, there is no tool wear. Processing parts of different shapes, do not need to replace the "tool", just change the output parameters of the laser. Laser cutting process has low noise, small vibration and no pollution.

steel plate chemical composition

ASTM A283 Grade A0.140.15-0.400.90.0350.040.2
ASTM A283 Grade B0.170.15-0.400.90.0350.040.2
ASTM A283 Grade C0.240.15-0.400.90.0350.040.2
ASTM A283 Grade D0.270.15-0.400.90.0350.040.2

steel plate mechanical property

GradeYield Strength (MPa)Ultimate Tensile Strength (MPa)Elongation at Break (%)
ASTM A283 Grade A165310 - 41527
ASTM A283 Grade B185345 - 45025
ASTM A283 Grade C205380 - 51522
ASTM A283 Grade D230415 - 55020

Hot sale product

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lndustries Served

Every industry has its unique set of material specifications and needs. That’s why you can count on the exceptional experience and industry knowledge of the professionals at Kuaima Steel - Meeting the Exact Needs of Every Industry That Uses steel.

  • Machinery manufac- turing industry
  • Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
  • Ship Building
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Pipe Fabrication

Our main export country

We are a well known worldwide exporter of Steel plate, Ireland, Portugal, Gambia, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Libya, Romania, Puerto Rico, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Philippines, Ghana, Slovakia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, China, Bolivia, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Oman, Egypt, Greece, Norway, Singapore, Bulgaria, Estonia, Belgium, Yemen, Hong Kong, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Belarus, Finland, Gabon, Iran, Canada, Argentina, Lebanon.

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