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Shaped Steel Pipe

A shaped tube is a tube that is not round (circular) in shape. Typically, the application involves some type of product stainless steel support, a path or track for fiber optics or other smaller pieces, or dispensing applications. Depending on the customer's detailed requirements, shaped tubing can be made stronger in certain directions in a manner similar to the I-beam concept. All drawn shaped tubing must be formed through custom fabricated molds and then straightened by special forming tools used to straighten shaped tubing. In some cases, customer requirements result in modest engineering costs for the design work associated with developing the method of forming the tube.

Irregular shaped stainless steel tubing is a general term for tubing with cross-sectional shapes other than round tubing. Also included are welded shaped tubes and seamless shaped tubes.
Due to the material, stainless steel shaped tubes are generally above 304.
And 200 and 201 material is hard, strong and difficult to form.

How to choose the right irregular shaped stainless steel tube?

People often don't know how to choose when they buy regular shaped stainless steel tubes.
Usually, people think that the better the material of infrared shaped stainless steel pipe is, the more expensive it will be. This can lead to higher costs.
The environment in which the irregular shaped stainless steel tube is used is the key to people's choice.
Different environments have different requirements for corrosion resistance. Therefore, people choose different materials.
Generally speaking, 201grade contains 0.8% Ni and 12% CR. Therefore, it will not corrode and rust in general atmospheric environment.
For 304grade, it contains 8% Ni and 18% CR. Moreover, these high levels of rare elements produce an oxide film. This protects the pipe.
As a result, Grade 304 has better corrosion and rust resistance.
If there is water in the environment, 304 grade would be a better choice.
As for grade 316, it can maintain good corrosion resistance even in marine or strong acid environment. However, it is relatively more expensive.
To sum up, people choose according to different environments and aesthetic requirements.

The performance of irregular stainless steel tubes

Compared with round tubes, stainless steel shaped tubes generally have larger rotational inertia and cross-sectional modulus.In addition, it has greater resistance to bending and torsion.This can greatly reduce the weight of the steel.

Types of irregular shaped stainless steel tubes

Depending on the section and shape, irregular stainless steel tubes are available in the following types.Oval tube Stainless steel U-shaped tube, D-shaped tube, stainless steel elbow, S-shaped tube, octagonal steel tube, unequal hexagonal tube Semi-circular tube Five-petal plum tube Double convex double convex shaped tube Melon-shaped steel pipe Conical steel pipe Corrugated shaped steel pipe Diamond-shaped steel pipe, etc.

Shaped Steel Pipe Specification

Product Name

Shaped Steel Pipe


Steel as per client's requirement

Surface treatment

Powder coating & silk screen printing


Sheet metal chassis,Sheet metal parts,metal accessories

Processing type

Custom sheet metal fabrication

Work flow

Laser cutting, bending, countersunk, tapping, welding, powder coating, silk screen printing, packing&delivering




1.Sample is always welcome.
2.Small order also acceptable
3.Design for clients' ideas

Chemical composition of Shaped Steel Pipe

Chemical Material Composition of SS 316/316Ti seamless pipes
Grade Ni Mn P C S Si Cr Mo N
316 min. 10 16 2
max. 14 2 0.045 0.08 0.03 0.75 18 3 0.1

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lndustries Served

Every industry has its unique set of material specifications and needs. That’s why you can count on the exceptional experience and industry knowledge of the professionals at Kuaima Steel - Meeting the Exact Needs of Every Industry That Uses steel.

  • Machinery manufac- turing industry
  • Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Ship Building
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Pipe Fabrication

Shaped Steel Pipe Outlet

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