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Product introduction

Product characteristics

ERW stainless steel pipe due to the use of hot rolled coils as raw material, wall thickness can be uniformly controlled to ± 0.2mm, steel pipe according to the maintenance end of the beveled fixed length delivery. US APl standard or GB/T9711.1 standard at the second end.
Used for the transport of oil, natural gas and other steam, liquid objects, can meet a variety of high and low pressure requirements, in the world of pipeline transport occupies a pivotal position.

Stainless steel welded pipe, referred to as welded pipe, commonly used steel or steel strip after the unit and mold curling forming welded steel pipe. Welded steel pipe production process is simple, high production efficiency, a variety of specifications, less investment in equipment, but the strength is generally lower than seamless steel pipe.

Since the 1930s, with the rapid development of high-quality strip steel continuous rolling production and the progress of welding and inspection technology, the quality of the welded seam continues to improve, the increasing variety of welded steel pipe specifications, and in more and more areas, especially in the heat transfer equipment, decorative tubes, low-pressure fluid tubes instead of seamless steel tubes.

Product characteristics:

One, small diameter stainless steel welded pipe is continuous online production, the thicker the wall thickness, the greater the investment in the unit and dissolving equipment, the less economical and practical it is. The thinner the wall thickness, its input-output ratio will drop accordingly; secondly, the process of the product determines its advantages and disadvantages, general welded steel pipe with high precision, uniform wall thickness, high brightness of the tube appearance (the surface grade of the steel plate determines the surface brightness of the steel pipe), and can be arbitrarily sized. Therefore, it reflects its economy and beauty in high-precision, low and medium pressure fluid applications.

Welding Characteristics:

According to the welding process can be divided into automatic welding welding, manual welding. Automatic welding generally uses submerged arc welding, plasma welding, manual welding generally uses argon arc welding.

According to the form of welding seam is divided into straight seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe.

According to the use is divided into ordinary welded tube, heat exchanger tube, condenser tube, galvanized welded tube, oxygen blowing welded tube, wire casing, metric welded tube, roller tube, deep well pump tube, automobile tube, transformer tube, electric welding thin wall tube, electric welding shaped tube and spiral welded tube.

GB/T12770-2002 (stainless steel welded steel pipe for mechanical structures) is mainly used for mechanical parts and structural parts of machinery, automobiles, bicycles, furniture, hotel and restaurant decoration. Its representative materials are 0Cr13, 1Cr17, 00Cr19Ni11, 1Cr18Ni9, 0Cr18Ni11Nb, etc.

GB/T12771-2008 (stainless steel welded steel pipe for fluid transportation) Mainly used for the transportation of low pressure corrosive media. Representative materials are 06Cr19Ni10, 022Cr19Ni10, 06Cr19Ni110Ti, 00Cr17, 0Cr18Ni11Nb, 06Cr17Ni12Mo2, etc.

Weight calculation formula.
Commonly used: material 304/304L (diameter - wall thickness) x wall thickness x 0.02491 x length = weight (kg)

Material 316/316L (diameter - wall thickness) x wall thickness x 0.02513 x length = weight (kg)

Unit: kg/m

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Steel Welded Tubes

Product name

Resistance welded stainless steel pipe distributor 

Place of Origin;Origin





200 series, 300 series, 400 series, 600 series, etc.


200 series, 300 series, 400 series, 600 series, etc.




According to customer's requirement


Brushed, polished, etched, etc.



Minimum order quantity



Decoration, petroleum, chemical, medical, light industry, mechanical,instrumentation, etc. 





Processing services

Bending, welding, uncoiling, punching, cutting, forming

Payment terms

L/C, T/T, D/P, etc. (according to customer's needs)

Price terms

CIF, CFR, FOB, EXW, etc.


  1. Q: What are your payment terms?
    A: We usually accept T/T in advance, large L/C. If you prefer other payment methods, please discuss.
    Q: What are the delivery terms?
    A: EXW, FOB, CIF, etc.
    Q: What are the packaging terms?
    A: Normally we pack the goods in bundles or coils with rods or straps, we can also pack the goods according to the customer's requirements.
    Q: What is your delivery time?
    A: For stock items we can deliver within 7 days of receipt of deposit. For custom orders, the production time is
    15-30 working days after receipt of deposit.
    Q: Can you produce from samples?
    A: Yes, we can manufacture moulds and jigs to order from your samples or technical drawings.
    Q: If I accept your quality, can I place a sample order? What is your minimum order quantity?
    A: Yes, we can send you samples but you can pay for the courier and our minimum order quantity is 1 tonne.
    Q: How do you guarantee your products?
    A: We accept and support third party inspection. We can also offer a warranty to our customers to ensure quality.
    Q: Where are the ports of shipment?
    A: Tianjin, Xiamen, Ningbo or Shanghai port.
    Q: How can I get a price for the product I need?
    A: If you can send us the material, dimensions and surface, this is the best way so that we can produce it for you to check the quality. If you
    still have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.
    Q: What other products do you produce?
    A: Stainless steel products, galvanised steel products, colour coated products, alloy steel products, etc.

Material 200 series,300 series,400 series,600 series, etc.
Type Welded
Specification 3.0mm~1000.0mm
Section Shape Round,Square,Hexagonal,etc.
Technique Cold Rolled,Hot Rolled,Cold Drawn,etc.
Surface Brushed, Polished, Etched,etc.
Surface Finish 2B,BA,HL,NO.4,8K,Embossed,etc.
Processing Service Bending, Welding, Punching, Cutting, Moulding
Minimum Order Quantity Negotiable

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