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copper winding wire manufacturers



copper winding wire manufacturers

Magnet wire (magnet wire), also known as winding wire, is an insulated wire used to manufacture coils or windings in electrical products. Electromagnetic wire is usually divided into enameled wire, wrapped wire, enameled wrapped wire and inorganic insulated wire.

Electromagnetic wire can be classified by its basic composition, conductive core and electrical insulation layer. Usually according to the insulation material used in the electrical insulation layer and the manufacturing method is divided into enameled wire, wrapped wire, enameled wrapped wire and inorganic insulated wire.


  1. The use of electromagnetic wire can be divided into two types.
  2. ① general purpose, mainly used in motors, electrical appliances, meters, transformers, etc., by winding the coil to produce the electromagnetic effect, using the principle of electromagnetic induction to achieve the purpose of conversion of electrical energy and magnetic energy.
  3. ②Special purpose, used in electronic components, new energy vehicles and other fields with special characteristics requirements, such as micro-fine electronic wire is mainly used in the electronics and information industry to achieve the transmission of information, new energy vehicles special wire is mainly used in the manufacture of new energy vehicles.

Production process:

  1. 1、Preparation of materials
  2. The raw materials for the electromagnetic wire are delivered to the production site by trolley. The preparation of insulating varnish is done in the varnish configuration room. According to the different degree of insulation of various electromagnetic wires, a certain proportion of lacquer and thinner are mixed well and added into the enamelling machine.
  3. 2、Drawing
  4. Wire drawing is carried out in the wire drawing machine, according to the required wire diameter is divided into a pulling system or multiple pulling system. Pulling in the general temperature up to 60 a 100 ℃, the use of water-soluble lubricants for lubrication and cooling, when the temperature exceeds 100 ℃, the complementary cooling, heat exhaust.
  5. 3、Water washing
  6. Water washing is purified by hydrochloric acid and fire alkali water, rinsing the electromagnetic wire with high pressure water to remove the oil on its surface.
  7. 4、Annealing
  8. Annealing is generally carried out in the annealing furnace by electric heating, annealing temperature is generally controlled at 300 ~ 600 ℃, annealing with water vapor for protection to prevent oxidation. After annealing, use the air blower for air cooling, to about 40 ℃ into the impregnation section.
  9. 5、impregnation
  10. The impregnation section is carried out in the enamelling machine and is completed several times according to the requirements of the insulation layer. When impregnating, the appropriate proportion of thinner is added according to the needs of the coating. The diluent contains cresol, xylene and other flammable and toxic liquids.
  11. 6、Drying
  12. The drying of the electromagnetic wire is carried out in the drying oven. The drying temperature depends on the speed of drawing and is generally 300-400 degrees Celsius. Up to 670 degrees Celsius. Drying and the exclusion of exhaust gas synchronization, the exclusion of exhaust gas (temperature of 300-400 degrees Celsius) contains cresol, phenol, xylene and other toxic and flammable vapors, the catalytic reaction to achieve environmental indicators by the exhaust fan to the atmosphere.
  13. 7、Winding
  14. The winding is to use the winding device to wind the finished dried electromagnetic wire on the wire reel. A small amount of lubricant (974 gasoline, cyclohexane) should be added when winding.
  15. 8、Package into storage
  16. After passing the inspection, the wound wire reels will be wrapped with plastic film and packed into cartons or paper tubes, and packaged into wire drags according to the user's needs, and loaded and unloaded into the special warehouse.

Copper wire has several important properties that make it a “natural” for electrical wiring. More than any other non-precious metal, it is the best conductor of electricity, packing more power into a given diameter of wire than any substitute material. Copper wire is also easier to bend. With copper wire, connections are easy and sure. And, because it has a high melting point, it can take surprisingly heavy overloads or current surges without damage or danger.

Description C37000 H62 Brass sheet Coil / C2680 CuZn37 Brass Strip
Related Material T2, T3, TP1, TP2, TU1, TU2,H96, H80, H90, H70, H65, H68,nH62,H59, HP59-1, HMn58-2, HSn62-1, HMn55-3-1, HMn57-3-1,nHAl60-1-1,HAl67-2.5, HAl66-6-3.2, HNi65-5
Specifications Thick:0.1-8mm,Width:2-2500mm
Price Term EX-Work, FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Term T/T, L/C, Western Union
Delivery Time According to order' s quantity
Package Export standard package: bundled wooden box or be required;The inner size of container is below:(1)20 foot GP: 5.8m(length)x 2.13m(width)x 2.18m(high)nabout 24-26 CBM(2)40 foot GP: 11.8m(length)x 2.13m(width)x 2.72m(high)nabout 68 CBMWe will packing as the factory, and reach the stander of export.Or as the customer request. In addition,We will make the products with good surface protection.
Application Has a good thermal conductivity, processability, ductility, corrosion resistance and weatherability.nnCan be used in electrical appliances, construction and chemical industry, especially terminal PCB, wire covered with copper belt, air cushion, bus terminalnCan be in auto radiator pipe, snap fastener, camera, radiator, etc.nCan draw to shallow stretch nameplate, badges
Attention As a specialized manufacturer and exporter of thenabove products in china, this collection is the most popularnstyle in our factory, selling fast!We can also produce the stainless steel sheet, bar, pipe,ntube etc.We will give you the bottom price and the fastest speednand then give you the satisfied service for you.

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