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Product introduction

Product characteristics

Stainless steel angle is a long strip of steel with two sides perpendicular to each other in an angle shape.

Product Introduction:

The specification is expressed in mm of side width × side width × side thickness. Such as "∠25×25×3", that is, the side width of

25 mm, the side thickness of 3 mm equilateral stainless steel angle. Also available model number, the model number is the number of centimeters of side width, such as ∠ 3 #. Model does not indicate the same model in different side thickness of the size, and therefore in the contract and other documents will be the side of the stainless steel angle width, side thickness of the size to fill out the complete, avoid using the model alone. Hot rolled equilateral stainless steel angle specifications for 2#-20#.

Stainless steel angle can be composed of various different force members according to the different needs of the structure, but also can be used as the connection between the members. Widely used in a variety of building structures and engineering structures, such as beams, bridges[/url], power transmission towers, lifting and transportation machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction towers, container racks and warehouse shelves, etc..

Stainless steel angle is a carbon structural steel for construction, is a simple section of the section steel, mainly used for metal components and the framework of the plant, etc.. In use requires a good weldability, plastic deformation properties and a certain mechanical strength. The raw material billet for the production of stainless steel angle is low carbon square steel billet, finished stainless steel angle for hot roll forming, normalized or hot rolled state delivery.

Types and Specifications:

Mainly divided into equilateral stainless steel angle and unequal stainless steel angle two categories, which can be divided into unequal stainless steel angle and unequal edge of unequal thickness and unequal edge of unequal thickness of two kinds.

The specifications of stainless steel angles are indicated by the size of the side length and side thickness. 2010 since the domestic stainless steel angle specifications for 2-20, to the number of centimeters of the side length for the number, the same number of stainless steel angle often has 2-7 different side thickness. Imported stainless steel angle marked with the actual size of the two sides and the side thickness and indicate the relevant standards. The general side length of 12.5cm or more for large stainless steel angle, 12.5cm-5cm between the medium-sized stainless steel angle, the side length of 5cm or less for small stainless steel angle.

Import and export of stainless steel angle orders are generally based on the specifications required in use, the steel number for the corresponding carbon steel number. That is, in addition to the stainless steel angle specification number, there is no specific composition and performance series.

The delivery length of stainless steel angle is divided into two types of fixed length, times the length of the domestic stainless steel angle selection range according to the specification number of 3-9m, 4-12m, 4-19m, 6-19m four ranges. Japan-made stainless steel angle length selection range of 6-15m.

The cross-sectional height of unequal stainless steel angles is calculated by the width of the long side of unequal stainless steel angles.

Appearance Quality Requirements:

The surface quality of stainless steel angle is specified in the standard, generally requires that there shall be no harmful defects in use, such as delamination, scars, cracks, etc.

The allowable range of stainless steel angle geometry deviation is also specified in the standard, generally including curvature, side width, side thickness, top angle, theoretical weight and other items, and provides that stainless steel angles shall not have significant twist.

Chemical Composition Test:

(1) composition indicators: the chemical composition of stainless steel angle is a general structural rolling steel series, the main test indicators are C, Mn, P, S four. Depending on the grade, the content varies, the approximate range of C < 0.22%, Mn: 0.30-0.65%, P < 0.060%, S < 0.060%.

(2) Test methods: When testing the above chemical composition, the commonly used standard test methods are GB223, JISG1211-1215, BS1837, BS Manual 19, ГОСТ22536, etc.

Specification standards

GB9787-88/GB9788-88 (dimensions, shape, weight and permissible deviations of hot-rolled equilateral/unequal stainless steel angles); JISG3192-94 (shape, dimensions, weight of hot-rolled sections and their permissible deviations); DIN17100 -80 (ordinary structural steel quality standards); ГОСТ535-88 (ordinary carbon steel technical conditions).

According to the above standards, stainless steel angles should be delivered in bundles, the bundle of the road, the same bundle length, etc. should be in line with the provisions. Stainless steel angles are generally delivered bare, transportation and storage are required to pay attention to moisture

Product Display

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ItemStainless steel angle
Product NameStainless Steel Angle Steel Manufacturer
Place of OriginShandong,China
Brand NameKuaima
Material200 series,300 series,400 series,600 series, etc.
Grade200 series,300 series,400 series,600 series, etc.
SizeAccording to customer needs
ApplicationRoom Beams, Bridges, Power Transmission Towers, Lifting and Transportation Machinery, Ships, Industrial Furnaces, Reaction Towers,Warehouse Shelves, etc.
Processing ServiceBending, Welding, Punching, Cutting, Moulding
Payment termsL/C,T/T,D/P,etc.(According to customer needs)
Price TermCIF,CFR,FOB,EXW,etc.


  1. Q:What is your terms of payment?
    A:We usually accept T/T in advance, L/C for large sum.If you prefer other payments terms, please discuss.
  2. Q:What is the terms of delivery?
    A:EXW, FOB, CIF,etc.
  3. Q:What is the terms of packing?
    A:Generally, we pack our goods in bundles or coils with rods or belts, we could also pack the goods as the customers' requirements.
  4. Q:What is your delivery time?
    A:For products in stock, we can ship it within 7 days after receiving the deposit.For custom order, production time is 15-30
    workdays after received the deposit.
  5. Q:Could you produce according to the samples?
    A:Yes, we could customer-made by your samples or technique drawings, we could build the mold and fixtures.
  6. Q:Can I place an sample order and what is your MOQ if I accept your quality?
    A:Yes, we can send you samples but you may pay the express fees, our MOQ is 1 ton.
  7. Q:How could you guarantee your products?
    A:We accept and support the third-party inspection.We also could issue the warranty to customer to guarantee the quality.
  8. Q:Where is the port of shipment?
    A:Tianjin,Xiamen,Ningbo or Shanghai Port.
  9. Q:How can I get the price of needed product?
    A:It's the best way if you can send us the material, size and surface, so we can produce for u to check the quality.If you
    still have any confusion, just contact us, we would like to be helpful.
  10. Q:What other products do you make?
    A: Stainless Steel Products, Galvanized  Steel Products, Color Coated Products, Alloy Steel Products, etc.

Material 200 series,300 series,400 series,600 series, etc.
Specification According to customer's needs
Shape Equal or Unequal Angle
Edge Mill Edge,Slit Edge
Technique Cold Drawn,Hot Rolled,etc.
Processing Service Bending,Welding,Punching,Cutting
Minimum Order Quantity Negotiable

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