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How about hot rolled 304 stainless steel pipe?


304 stainless steel pipe in the process of processing a variety of ways, hot-rolled is one of the common process. Today, I explain the advantages and disadvantages of hot rolling 304 stainless steel pipe.



Destroy the stainless steel ingot casting organization, and eliminate microstructure defects, so that the steel organization is dense, mechanical properties are improved.

This improvement is mainly manifested along the rolling direction, so that the stainless steel tube at a certain level is no longer isotropic body; casting bubbles, cracks and sparse, but also at high temperatures and forces can be welded together.


1. After hot rolling, the steel internal non-metallic inclusions (mainly sulfides and hydrides, and silicates) are pressed into thin sheets, showing delamination (sandwich) phenomenon.

Delamination greatly deteriorates the properties of the steel in tension along the thickness direction and may present interlayer tears during weld shrinkage. Weld shrinkage induced partial strain often reaches several times the yield point strain, much larger than the load-induced strain;.

2. Residual stresses formed by uneven cooling. Residual stress is the internal self-equilibrium stress in the absence of external forces.

Various cross-sectional hot-rolled steel sections have such residual stresses, the larger the cross-sectional size of ordinary steel sections, the greater the residual stress. Residual stress is self-balancing, but the performance of the steel member under the external force still has a certain impact. Such as deformation, stability, fatigue resistance and other aspects may have a negative effect.

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