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Heat treatment method of stainless steel tube


Decorative stainless steel tube classification and thermal external process: decorative stainless steel tube heat treatment is to change its physical properties, mechanical properties, residual stress, restore the corrosion resistance affected by the thermal pretreatment process, so as to obtain the best performance of decorative stainless steel tube use or make decorative stainless steel tube get further hot and cold processing. Heat treatment, that is, the different types, different organizations of decorative stainless steel tube annealing, tempering, normalizing and other related treatments.

1. Austenitic stainless steel pipe

Austenitic decorative stainless steel pipe is widely used, and its usage is also the largest. Its characteristics are austenitic structure at room temperature does not undergo phase transformation, it can not be hardened by thermal external, but it can be changed by discussing cold addition. Commonly used heat treatment method is solid solution treatment.

2. Ferritic stainless steel tube

Generally speaking, ferritic decorative stainless steel tube does not have transformation, it is a ferrite organization that does not undergo transformation at high temperature and room temperature. However, when the steel contains a certain amount of austenite-forming elements, such as carbon and ammonia, austenitic structure can be formed at high temperatures, this steel can not be strengthened by heat treatment, only by annealing to eliminate internal stresses and facilitate further surface treatment.

3. Martensitic stainless steel pipe

Martensitic decorative stainless steel pipe has a distinct phase transformation point, austenitic structure at high temperature, martensitic phase transformation occurs when cooling, transforming into a martensitic structure and hardening. Due to the high chromium content of this stainless steel, good hardenability, you can use many heat treatment methods, such as quenching and tempering.

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