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Acid cleaned stainless steel tube will be what happens?


With the widespread use of stainless steel tubes, people's requirements are getting higher and higher, and the processing process has become diversified. Pickling is one of the processing processes, do you know why the stainless steel tube after pickling will appear hydrogen embrittlement reaction?

It is because the stainless steel tube in the pickling of hydrogen on the iron oxide skin is the role of stripping, and also to the steel embryo matrix internal diffusion, and then in the impurities or pores gathered, which will lead to an increase in internal stress, steel plasticity is reduced, the steel brittleness increased, this effect is called gas embrittlement. And gas embrittlement is mainly affected by the rate of diffusion of gas atoms.

1. The diffusion rate of hydrogen in sulfuric acid solution is much faster than the diffusion rate of hydrogen in hydrochloric acid solution.

2. If the pickling degree increases, the diffusion speed of hydrogen will increase sharply, while if it is to increase the pickling concentration, the diffusion speed of hydrogen will not increase much, so try not to pickle at low concentration and high temperature.

3. Stainless steel pipe in the pickling process if there are inclusions such as sulfur gas, carbon dioxide and arsenic will increase the diffusion rate of hydrogen atoms, which will increase the possibility of often said gas embrittlement.

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