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How to control the uniform cooling of thick wall stainless steel pipe?


In the cooling process of the sheet and strip, the cooling trace conforms to the basic shape of the sheet and strip. With the assurance of uniform distribution of cooling water in the cooler, cooling unevenness mainly arises in the edges and head and tail sections, especially for thinner products.

These are mainly the result of heat conduction and other factors, usually through the development of a reasonable cooling strategy or micro-tracking of the rolled parts, control the rolling line direction of each group of collector valves to open and close the moment to improve the head and tail temperature unevenness, while the unevenness of the edge temperature can be improved through the width direction of the masking device.

In the cooling process of thick-walled stainless steel pipe, due to heat conduction and other factors affecting the temperature unevenness is mainly manifested in the head and tail of the pipe, which can be improved by applying a similar method with the strip. And because of the special characteristics of the tube body in the movement of the variable-angle roller channel, the cooling process, the tube body appears on the spiral temperature uneven phenomenon.

From the analysis, it was found that the main influencing factors in the cooling process of the steel tube on the variable angle roller conveyor include:

Conveyor roller diameter, pipe diameter, conveyor roller surface inclination, roller body rotation angle and roller speed, as well as the distribution of the circumferential cooling capacity of the tube body.

The main reason for the uneven spiral temperature phenomenon on the tube body is due to the uneven distribution of the circumferential cooling capacity of the tube.

This effect can be eliminated by improving the design and layout of equipment such as coolers, conveying rollers roll shape, as well as improving the accuracy of the steel pipe frying before the sizing machine.

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