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What is the role of C in 304 stainless steel pipe?


Speaking of carbon, we all think of diamonds, because the diamond is all the material composed of carbon, which also proves the role of carbon, then the carbon element in 304 stainless steel tube is not the same role? As an industrial steel, 304 stainless steel pipe carbon is one of its main elements, steel performance and organization at a large level of resolution in which the carbon content and dispersion of the way.

And the impact of carbon in stainless steel pipe on the organization of the main two aspects: one is to stabilize the austenite element, and the role of about 30 times more than nickel; second is the affinity of carbon and chromium than nickel, will constitute a series of complex carbides with chromium, thus affecting the role of chromium in stainless steel. So the carbon element in 304 stainless steel pipe can progress the hardness of stainless steel pipe.

But with the increase of carbon content of stainless steel tube corrosion resistance but landing, while plasticity becomes worse. The two conflicting laws of influence also allow people to choose different carbon content of stainless steel tubes from different application requirements. In our ordinary life stainless steel tube is mainly corrosion resistance as the main role, and for some processes (such as easy dry welding, bending, etc.) the request of the carbon content is very low.

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