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What is the difference between hot rolled and cold rolled stainless steel sheets


304 is one of the main members of the stainless steel family, with huge production and circulation, while 304J1 is a copper-containing material of 304, with better deep-drawing performance than 304, mainly used for deep processing purposes, and belongs to the nickel-saving series.

What is the difference between hot rolled sheet and cold rolled sheet of 304 stainless steel plate?

Rolling is divided into cold-rolled and hot-rolled, with the recrystallization temperature as the point of distinction.

Hot rolled sheet

1.Poor toughness and surface flatness, lower price;

2.The temperature of hot turning is similar to the temperature of forging;

3.Hot-rolled sheet has oxidized skin on the surface of hot-rolled processing, and the thickness of the sheet has a lower difference;

4.Hot-rolled products are much more widely used in terms of price as well as cold-rolled;

5.Hot-rolled steel, mechanical properties are far less than cold processing, also second to forging processing, but has better toughness and ductility;

6.The surface of the hot-rolled plate under electroplating is black-brown;

7.The smoothness of the surface can be distinguished from the plating, and the smoothness of the hot-rolled plate is lower;

Cold rolled sheet

1.Good stretchability and toughness, but more expensive;

2 Cold rolled processing surface without oxidation, good quality;

3.Cold rolled is generally used to produce strips, and its rolling speed is higher;

4.Cold rolled is more accurate than hot rolled in terms of thickness, mechanical properties, surface and so on above the hot rolled;

5.Cold-rolled steel sheet due to a certain degree of hardening, low toughness, but can achieve a better yield-to-strong ratio, used to cold bend spring and other parts;

6.Cold plate because the yield point is closer to the tensile strength, so the use of the process of danger is not foreseeable, in the load exceeds the allowable load is prone to accidents

7.The surface of cold-formed plate without electroplating is gray.

8.The smoothness of the surface of the cold-tied plate after plating is higher than that of the hot-tied plate.

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