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What is the difference of stainless steel surface 2B and BA respectively


There are various surfaces of stainless steel cold rolled products, of which 2B and BA are the two most dominant surfaces. So what do 2B and BA mean respectively?

They refer to different categories of cold-rolled surface treatment process, the main difference lies in the different annealing process, 2B is annealing pickling, the surface has a certain degree of oxidation, darker; BA is bright annealing, the surface is not oxidized, brighter.

Is there any difference in mechanics, physics, etc. between BA surface and 2B surface besides the surface difference?

BA surface and 2B surface are the same from the process, the difference of annealing method makes the surface state different, but there is no essential difference between the two. Therefore, there is basically no difference in mechanical and physical properties. the advantage of BA surface is aesthetic and slightly better corrosion resistance due to the smooth surface.

What is the process flow of BA surface and 2B surface?

BA surface: cold rolled → bright annealed → flattened.

2B surface: cold rolled → annealed pickled → flattened.

What is the difference between the surface of BA surface and 2B surface after grinding for the same steel grade?

There is basically no difference between 2B surface and BA surface after grinding. The difference between them is mainly in the time and cost used in the grinding process. 2B surface grinding is time-consuming and costly; BA surface is less expensive to grind due to its bright surface.

Overall, BA plate just refers to a certain surface state of stainless steel cold rolled plate, and its application is also very wide, such as: kitchenware, building materials, decoration, automotive and other industries. In terms of polishing, BA surface is more advantageous than 2B surface, and it looks more beautiful and smooth.

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