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Why stainless steel plumbing will be the mainstream trend of modern home decoration?




In the city's water pipeline network, the flow of living water in the large pipes is relatively clean, but the water in the small branch pipes into the home is often dead. For example, the water we release every morning inside the faucet is actually left in the pipe the night before, and after a night of stillness, it is extremely easy to breed bacteria. At the same time, because of the material of the pipe itself, after a long time of water infiltration, harmful substances are easy to enter the water body.

The stability of stainless steel plumbing system can effectively prevent pollution due to the material, there is no corrosion and foul exudate, the water stays in the pipe for a longer time will not affect the water quality, eliminating secondary pollution. In addition, the high strength of stainless steel water pipe, can well withstand vibration and impact, with no leakage, no burst, fire, seismic characteristics. Stainless steel pipe is suitable for any water quality, in addition to disinfection and sterilization, there is no need to control the water quality, health will be more a security that is not easily breached.

Home furnishings why the full popularity of stainless steel pipe?

Field corrosion test data show that the life of stainless steel water pipe up to 100 years. Compared to other pipes that are now used more, this is an unparalleled advantage.

According to the relevant provisions of our country for individual homes, the use of residential life in 70 years, the general residents of the house renovation will not be changed within a few decades, which means that stainless steel water pipes can guarantee the use of the middle without the need for repair and replacement. Instead of making a big deal, in the stitching to destroy the integrity of the decoration, or in the future only to realize that the use of environmentally friendly materials, rather than a sense of foresight, an investment, long-term benefits. Although the current price of stainless steel water pipe is higher than ordinary materials, but in the long run, save the repeated investment in repair and replacement, or very economic, customer property damage is almost zero. And, according to the actual measurement of thin-walled stainless steel pipe system working pressure up to 2.5Mpa or more, it has a low thermal conductivity, is 1/25 of copper pipe, 1/4 of iron pipe, insulation effect is the best of all metal pipes. And it can be used in the temperature range of -40℃~120℃ for a long time.

Safety and reliability, health and environmental protection, economic application has been the three major factors affecting the promotion of various types of new pipes, and thin-walled stainless steel pipe is almost the perfect combination of these three factors. Not only that, its bright and clean appearance is catering to the needs of modern people in pursuit of high taste life, and become the new choice of people in water supply pipe material.

Stainless steel pipe - Snap-on stainless steel pipe construction process:

1. The advantages of the card pressed stainless steel pipe

Water piping materials are mainly modified polypropylene plastic pipe (PPR), copper pipe, stainless steel pipe and several other. Among them, the card pressed thin-walled stainless steel pipe not only to overcome the PPR tube easy deformation, easy aging by ultraviolet radiation shortcomings; but also to avoid the ordinary stainless steel pipe, copper pipe need to site argon arc welding, the problem of high cost, with its superior mechanical properties, reasonable price, easy to install the advantages of becoming the preferred direct drinking water pipe, the use of broad prospects.

2. Card pressure principle

Snap-on thin-walled stainless steel pipe is a special welding, special treatment of thin-walled welded seam water pipe. The connection of the water pipe using special coupling fittings, fittings port department of the annular U-shaped groove is equipped with O-ring seal, the installation of stainless steel water pipe into the port of the pipe, and then use special card compression tools to make the U-groove convex shrinkage, the water pipe, fittings card into a hexagonal shape, by compressing the seal ring to achieve sufficient sealing strength.

3. The card compression thin-walled stainless steel pipe construction operation

(1) cut the pipe with a hacksaw according to the required length, the pipe should be cut off to remove the burr and sawdust of the fracture, especially the residual pipe wall dirt, the cut-off end face of the pipe should be perpendicular to the axis of the pipe.

(2) pipe connection using special fittings, first according to the manufacturer to provide the "insertion length table" at the end of the pipe to mark the line, force the water pipe into the fittings to the line. Combine the groove of the special clamping tool with the ring-shaped convex groove of the pipe fitting, and confirm that the jaws are perpendicular to the pipe before starting the operation. First, slowly raise the pressure of the card press machine to 35Mpa-40MPa, press to the card press tool, when the lower jaw is closed, complete the card press connection. The pressure should be unloaded slowly after the card press is completed to prevent the pressure gauge from being broken.

(3) after the completion of the card pressure, check the distance between the scribing place and the end of the joint, if DNl5-DN25 distance more than 3mm, DN32 a DN50 distance more than 4mm, is not qualified, need to be removed after the construction again, the card pressure at the use of hexagonal gauge measurement, can be completely stuck into the hexagonal gauge is judged to be qualified. If there is loosening phenomenon, can be in the original position to re-calculate, until the hexagonal gauge measurement qualified.

(4) Snap thin-walled stainless steel pipe wall is thin, if the same pipe diameter construction specifications for the installation of bracket spacing, it is difficult to ensure the strength of the pipe. According to the construction experience, the spacing between brackets ≯ 2m for carded thin-walled stainless steel pipes.

(5) After the construction of the pipe is completed, the water pressure test is done by slowly filling the pipe with water and removing the air at the high point until the pipe is completely full of water. The test pressure of the pipeline shall be 1.5 times of the working pressure, but at least not less than 0.6 MPa. After rising to the specified test pressure, the pressure shall be stabilized for 10 min, and whether the joints are leaking or not shall be observed; if the pressure drops not more than 0.05 MPa within 10 min, and the system does not leak, it shall be qualified.

After the construction of the pipeline to do the hydraulic test, first slowly fill the pipeline with water, and at the high point to remove the air, until the pipeline is completely full of water.

The test pressure of the pipeline is 1.5 times of the working pressure, but the minimum is not less than 0.6MPa. after rising to the specified test pressure, the pressure is stabilized for 10min, observe whether the joints are leaking, such as the pressure drop within min does not exceed 0.05MPa, and the system is qualified without leakage.

After the construction of the pipeline to do the hydraulic test, first slowly fill the pipeline with water, and at the high point to remove the air, until the pipeline is completely full of water.

4. Construction precautions

(1) Water pipes and fittings should be handled gently, do not throw, throw and step on at will to avoid deformation of the pipeline, resulting in card pressure failure.



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