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Aluminium and stainless steel tread plate


Aluminium and stainless steel  tread plate

These aluminium and stainless steel products have many convenient features. They are light in weight but hard wearing and decorative. They have anti-static and anti-slip properties and low magnetic permeability, while the hygienic and easy-to-clean design is corrosion resistant, making them a low-maintenance product.


A wide range of applications and industries include.

  • o factory flooring, particularly in industries where corrosion or hygiene is an issue, for example
  • o food processing, dairy products, bakeries, hospitals, breweries, pharmaceutical plants, paper, power generation, onshore mining and quarrying, offshore oil and gas facilities, nuclear waste reprocessing, chemical and petrochemical plants, material extraction and processing, the
  • Flooring and vertical panels for the road transport industry - commercial vehicles, lorries, military vehicles and multi-purpose vehicles, including rubbish trucks, fire trucks, ambulances, cranes, etc.
  • Floor and vertical panels for buses, coaches and trams. This could even include cars such as the Tomb Raider version of the Land Rover
  • Rolling stock and stations or freight stations for railways, underground railways etc.
  • Outdoor and indoor walkways, steps, gantries, stairs, cranes, bridges, etc.
  • Decorative vertical and inclined panels for outdoor and indoor architectural applications  
  • Horseboxes, boat trailers and other trailers
  • Boat construction
  • Swimming pools - pool and diving board steps, walkways, etc.
  • Mechanical handling equipment - airport baggage conveyors and related equipment, conveyor belts.

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